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BÖCK was established in 1978 and has evolved to become Europe`s leading company providing both silage clamps and silage covers.


BÖCK has been supporting farmers to produce premium quality silage through on-going field-tests, meaning our range of products have been tried and tested by the end user and fully consider the practical application required on farm. 


The BÖCK “Traunsteiner Silo” silage clamp system, is recognised by the farming community as the clamping method of choice. It is the best performing clamp design available for both livestock-farming and biogas (AD)-plants, ensuring maximum profits along with minimum losses.


BÖCK are the first company to support farmers with innovative cover material, like the underlay
film (starting in the early 1980`s), the GITTERflex® protection net (sold for more than 25 years now) and our unique, patented SiloClip® system, which offer unrivalled quality along with convenient handling.


Throughout the past we have developed a comprehensive network of retailing partners in more than 30  countries. Meaning BÖCK is fast becoming a worldwide trusted brand that trades on quality, expertise and service. Our customers from the agricultural sector and the Anaerobic Digestion sector turn to BÖCK for a one-stop-shop experience, benefiting by the combination of our product range and our support.


BÖCK understand that a satisfied customer will always be the best endorsement for our company’s philosophy: “Together we are strong”.

To maintain our position as a technological leader in silage storage, we work closely with scientists and researchers.
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The BÖCK Silage Clamp

The unique design of the BÖCK silage clamp enables silage production of the highest quality, contributing to the improvement and success of your business.

Why is our silage clamp system so different to others?

  • To fill the clamp several tractors can drive in and out of the bay in simultaneously which saves compacting time. Remember, it is the compacting process that determines the speed of filling the bay, not the forage harvester!
  • Maximum compression with minimal expenditure is achieved via inclined walls. This enables easy and efficient compacting right up to the edges. By surcharging the clamp, the silage bay can contain an additional 35% of silage.
  • The earth bunds which form the side and intermediate walls of the clamp allow for safe and easy access to the covers. This also minimises any temperature fluctuations, ensuring your silage is consistently going to yield and performing to its optimum level.
  • The silage clamp can be adjusted at any time to handle growing silage requirements, by extending the clamp in length or by adding an additional bay.
  • Surface water and silage effluents are effectively separated. Leachate can be safely collected in a leachate tank without mixing with rainwater.




BÖCK Covering System

We understand that achieving the maximum output possible from your silage clamp is critical. Working closely with farmers around the world we have developed a range of products which minimise losses – these products make up the high performing BÖCK-silage-management. By using the BÖCK Covers you can improve the performance of your silage by up to 35% and save labour cost.

Why is the BÖCK covering system so effective?

  • We use the highest quality films and nettings that are proven to last.
  • Our covers protect your valuable silage which provides energy, protein, minerals and vitamins, delivering benefits to your livestock or AD plant and your bottom line.
  • By minimising oxygen penetration our covering system allows high quality fermentation and reduces surface spoilage.
  • We offer a number of labour-saving products including BÖCK SiloClip® and BÖCK SiloFix®
     to assist you in securing the covers – which are easier to use than those old tyres!


Our Service

We will help you determine the optimum dimensions for your silage clamp taking into consideration any site restrictions and the volume of silage required.

The BÖCK silage clamp system can be delivered as a complete set of parts with instructions for you to construct and assemble. Alternatively, we can recommend an approved partner to carry out these works. Our approved partners are experienced contractors and trained installers. Whichever route you choose, we will support you throughout the  process.

At BÖCK we will continue to support you after completion of your project, offering on-going advice on your clamp’s performance and BÖCK covering systems to enable your silage clamp to continue to produce only premium silage.



  Brand new 7-layer technology guarantees unique

  features (standard until today: 3-layer):


- Barrier film with less than 2ml/m²/24 hours oxygen

  permeability (DLG-standard: <250ml/m²/24 hours).


- All-in-one: Replaces standard separate underlay- and

  silage sheet with only one film


- Top layer: White – reflecting sun light, prevents

  from heating up the silage.


- Bottom layer: Silver – extra UV protection.


- Reduced manpower saves you time and money



  High-end quality


- Made of 100% virgin raw material


- Guaranteed 18 months UV-stability


- Extremely flexible


- Extremely strong and puncture-/tear resistant


- Reduced thickness, 85 micron only


- Fully recyclable



  Best silage quality guarantees:


- Less cost of forage


- Increased milking yield


- Improved milk quality


- Improved animal health


- Saves money by reducing losses



For more details click on: http://www.bocksuper7.com/



















































Available Sizes:

4m x 35m
4m x 50m
5m x 35m
5m x 50m
6m x 35m
6m x 50m
7m x 35m
7m x 50m
8m x 35m
8m x 50m
9m x 35m
9m x 50m
10m x 35m
10m x 50m
10m x 150m
12m x 35m
12m x 50m
12m x 150m
12m x 300m
14m x 50m
14m x 100m
14m x 150m
16m x 50m
16m x 100m
16m x 150m
16m x 300m













BÖCK Underlay Film

Premium quality for your silage

The BÖCK underlay film creates a suction effect, which prevents oxygen from penetrating straight through to the silage. It “sticks” to the silage surface and provides additional protection if there are small leaks in the silage film. The BÖCK underlay film is much more elastic than any other standard liner film, so it protects your silage even more effectively, giving you peace of mind.

Available Sizes:

6m x 50m 
7m x 50m
8m x 50m
9m x 50m
10m x 50m
10m x 150m
12m x 50m
12m x 150m
14m x 50m
14m x 150m
16m x 50m
18m x 50m

BÖCK Side Wall Film

For an optimum airtight seal along the walls

The BÖCK side wall film protects concrete walls from damage caused by acidic leachate. It also prevents driving rain from penetrating the silage along the walls. The BÖCK side wall film creates the perfect air seal on the problem interface between the wall panels, the silage and silage covers.



Available Sizes:
2m x 50m
3m x 50m
4m x 50m

4m x 75m
5m x 50m

5m x 75m


BÖCK 800% Silage Film

 Unrivalled Qualities


This extra-elastic film can be stretched to up to 8 times its original length, hence the "800%".Our plastic products, made to BÖCK’s special formula, are subject to strict quality controls, so our 800% film is a top quality product that you can rely on 100%.



Available Sizes:

5m x 50m
6m x 30m
6m x 50m
7m x 50m
8m x 35m
8m x 50m
9m x 50m
10m x 35m
10m x 50m
10m x 150m
12m x 50m
12m x 150m
14m x 50m
14m x 150m
16m x 50m
18m x 50m







BÖCK Kombi2plus

The most advanced way to get it all covered!

With this new and unique solution, covering will become a breeze! Silage film and underlay film are delivered together on one single roll! Our special folding technique allows for easiest handling. Unrolling both sheets at the same time saves plenty of working time and prevents the sheets from getting damaged during covering the silage. Both sheets are made from 100% regenerate free virgin material, they don’t stick together, so easy to apply without having to walk on the underlay sheet anymore!

By combining all these facts, BÖCK Kombi2plus will impressively reduce your losses on all kinds of silage.

• silage film – 115 microns – black/white
• underlay film – 35 microns – transparent
• special folding technique for easiest handling



Available Sizes:

6m x 50m
7m x 50m
8m x 50m
9m x 50m
10m x 35m
10m x 50m
12m x 50m
14m x 50m
16m x 50m
18m x50m
20m x50m

BÖCK sheet roll unroller


Available for all our sheets; galvanized steel




BÖCK GITTERflex® Netting

Protecting your silage

Covering silage with car tyres used to be the standard, but since the revolutionary invention of BÖCK GITTERflex®, there is a much easier way of protecting your silage.
BÖCK GITTERflex® netting is simple to lay and protects the silage film against damage caused by cats, dogs, wild animals, birds and hail. It also prevents the sheets from flapping and forcing air into the silage.

That´s not all! Our BÖCK GITTERflex® makes handling easier:

  • The netting hangs down over the silage face, so the crop is kept well away from hungry birds.
  • Rainwater runs down the outside of the BÖCK GITTERflex®, protecting the exposed face of the silage.



BÖCK GITTERflex® Standard



  • weight: 220g/m²
  • 3 year BÖCK birdsafe warranty
  • 7 years UV resistant
  • high tearing strength
  • easy handling with woven-in handles


Available Sizes:
5m x 6m, 5m x 7m, 5m x 8m, 5m x 9m, 5m x 10m, 5m x 11m, 5m x 12m,

5m x 13m, 5m x 14m, 5m x 16m, 5m x 18m, 5m x 20m,

10m x 6m, 10m x 8m, 10m x 12m, 10m x 15m, 10m x 16m,

10m x 18m, 10m x 20m, 10m x 25m,

15m x 8m, 15m x 12m, 15m x 18m

BÖCK Accessoires

Silage film repair tape

Self-adhesive PVC tape for repairing silage films, round bales, etc.
Colour: white
Roll size: 100mm x 10m
Pack of 4





BÖCK ties are made of plastic-coated stainless steel wire - ensuring long life.
100 pcs

Mechanical tie twister tool


The BÖCK tie twister tool helps you to close all kinds of bags quickly, easily and securely.

BÖCK Gravel Bags

More than a million sold


Millions of BÖCK gravel bags are currently in use, their quality and durability has been proven. BÖCK gravel bags are produced using modern technology and meet strict quality control standards, enabling maximum UV stability and lifespan.


All gravel bags come with a plastic-coated stainless steel wire for tying the gravel bag. A coloured stripe is woven on the bag so that the exposed side can be identified and alternated to increase the lifespan:


  •  1 year stripe on top
  •  1 year stripe to the bottom





incl. stainless steel tying wire

1 handle at back end


270mm x 1000mm
270mm x 1200mm

BÖCK SiloClip®

Less manual handling

Covering silage is one of the most important tasks. As soon as the silage is brought in, it must be compacted and covered, ensuring the whole system is completely airtight.

After a hard day of ensiling, carting around vast numbers of gravel bags is not a particularly
appealing prospect. With an average silage bay measuring 30m x 8m, you would be looking at
moving around 1,8 Tonnes of gravel bags. With a 500kW biogas plant, that could be as much as 14 Tonnes.You know what this can do to your back!

Since the invention of the BÖCK SiloClip®, gravel bags are well and truly a thing of the past. The BÖCK SiloClip® has been proven on numerous silage systems over many years. Once you try the BÖCK SiloClip® you will wonder how you ever
managed without it.

We recommend attaching one BÖCk SiloClip® to the side wall of the silage bay every 1.1m. BÖCK Silage Clamp panels are delivered with all necessary anchor bolts.







 Keeping it in place


The perfect solution to safely and efficiently securing gravel bags on your silage clamp - improving the airtight seal of your covers and increasing silage quality.

The BÖCK SILOfix® system is a 20cm wide belt that is run across the clamp from left to right or front to rear, it’s very versatile!
At every 80cm/160cm along the belt a metal plate is attached, which is designed to fit the handle of your Bock gravel bags, the bags can then be hung in place. This allows the operator to use gravels bags safely and efficiently on any slope without having to worry about them rolling or slipping.

BÖCK SILOfix® comes with an eyelet at each end to secure to the clamp and comes in 4m increments to suit any size of clamp.


Available Sizes:


















BÖCK TOPvlies extra

Protection for baled hay and straw stacks

Secure your baled straw and hay stacks against all weather conditions - including rain, wind and snow.
Highly water repellent and breathable, TOPvlies extra allows air to circulate protecting bales from mould and damp.
The TOPvlies extra has a unique design with a smooth water repellent outer surface and rough inner surface which clings to the bales ensuring it remains in place.

Guaranteed 5 year UV-stable and manufactured from tear resistant green fabric (130g/m²) the TOPvlies extra is the perfect solution for covering your bales.
Available Sizes:
10,40m x 12,50m
10,40m x 25,00m
15,60m x 12,50m
15,60m x 25,00m


Fix it professionally


Ideal for fixing and securing all kind of covers, cloths, nets and tarpaulins. Simply attach material between the plastic teeth and tighten with the twist lock. Finally attach SUPAfix with either rope, elastic strap, zip tie, carabiner, tent peg or similar. The fixed material won’t get damaged and SUPAfix can easily be attached and removed again. First choice for TOPvlies users!
Tear resistance >500kg!


BÖCK Windbreak Nets

Fight the wind


Climate conditions in barns and stables can easily be improved by using our windbreak nettings. They are very affordable and easy to install, as well as long lasting and highly practical. Polyester mesh as main material guarantees high sturdiness. The additional PVC coating of our nets guarantees a very good temperature- and UV-resistance.

Reduces wind speed up to 90%, 25% porosity,
normal load, not easy flammable

green  or light brown, roller widths in m:
    1 / 1,5 / 2 / 2,5 / 3 / 3,5 / 4 / 5

Reduces wind speed up to 96%, 12% porosity,

heavy load, not easy flammable, resistance of 5.5t/m²

green  or light brown, roller widths in m:
    1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Clamping rail

For the quick install


With our clamping rail you can attach windbreaking nets up to 260 g/m² in any width quickly and easily. The aluminium rail is simply screwed all round or at the top and bottom of the opening.
Length 1 m



PVC strips

The flexible door solution


The transparent-blue flexible PVC strips offer an ideal wind protection in entrances of all kinds along with high transparency. They are resistant to –35°C, highly UV-stable and weatherproof. PVC strips also work as isolation, thus reducing cost for heating!




Available size:
300mm wide,
material thickness 3mm,
roll of 25m

Mounting kit for PVC strips

For the smart install


Our mounting kit is made of stainless steel and is easy and fast to assemble. It allows for easy access without damaging the strips at the point of suspension. Single strips can easily be added or removed. Different overlapping is possible if required due to heavy wind conditions.1 kit suitable for 1m in width and for mounting 4 strips, each 300mm wide.





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